art > "The intolerable other that I crave to destroy so as to better possess it alive" (2011)

4th August - 3rd Sept 2011

'Taking its title from Julia Kristeva's book Black Sun, this new exhibition at Daine Singer is a sculptural and photographic exploration that continues to probe a relationship between representation and death, with a specific focus on melancholia. Drawing from the ancient story of Artemisia, who was famously devoted to mourning after her husband Mausolus’ death, a scale-model of his tomb (the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus) is reconstructed and centrally positioned. It becomes both an external shrine and an embodiment of a pivotal narcissistic wound. Wall-mounted mirrors, emptied of their reflection, lead toward this end where an uncanny representation of a troubled interior reveals itself. All the while, documentation from recent travels to the site of the Mausoleum in Turkey illustrates a recurring encounter with 'loss', as well as interminable hauntings of the imaginary.'

essay by Elizabeth Presa