art > Gnasher Mongrel (2019)

Gnasher Mongrel (Nietzschean Demon)
Gnasher Mongrel (Nietzschean Demon)
resin, fibreglass, auto paint, tree root
200 x 110 x 85 cm

Gnasher Mongrel is a sculptural proposition modeled after William Blake’s Nebuchadnezzar (1795c-1805) referencing, of course, the arrogant Babylonian king who went mad and wild; ‘here crawleth the man-beast, eating grass like oxen’. Beyond that, it’s a thought experiment anticipating significance in the contemporary return of such a beast, extracted from the obscurity of history or myth or even moral narrative.

This work was made for 'Animal Nation', Stockroom, Kyneton, curated by Simon Pericich.

image: Lakshal Perera