art > Curious Duality (2011) and Contours of the Self (2010)

Contours of the Self
Contours of the Self
Steel, enamel, hole, bracken, oil, charcoal and acrylic on etching paper, erased mirror, plywood
Dimensions variable

Contours of the Self is an installation of drawing, sculpture and architectural intervention proposing several forms of representation by which the parameters of ‘the self’ might be explored. Responding to intersecting visual and theoretical constructs, and according to fundamental ideals and limitations of representation, a conversation is staged around the site of the body and its potential to reveal a sense of both wonderment and lack.
This exhibition continues to probe the relationship between representation and death through a visual and spatial exploration of body-space and trace.

Constituting the installation is a large-scale drawing of a pallid landscape, dense with mist and thick with a sense of mystical yet sinister isolation. Also featured is a human scaled ‘I’-mirror which erases the viewer’s image, yet still reflects it as a fractured and blackened image. More prominent however is the incorporation of a large steel crypt, sunken into the gallery floor, uncovering both a physical and psychological subterranean level beneath the gallery.